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What our workshop attendees have to say about us:

“I had a great time at journalism workshops. I bonded with my three person staff and I learned a lot that I can take back to class.”

The camp is great for a small staff or a selected few from the staff. It bonded my staff and I. Learning about how other schools make their yearbooks and magazines was very helpful! It provided great inspiration for our layouts and designs. We are already ahead of our schedule for next year!

It’s a great way to get to know other staffers from different schools and to learn how they operate, along with getting the teaching experience and input from another advisor.

“I came to this workshops to help get a good start on my yearbook and to bring some refreshing ideas home. I’ve achieved all these things and more! My experience here was enriched by my friendly peers and kind instructors. Everything was so organized and fun! Other kids would not only improve their publication after camp, they’d also make friends for life.”

“I came into this with no staff and no friends on campus, and left knowing some of the best people ever.” Lindsey Brashear, Franklin Central, 2017

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Cole Bennett, Columbus North High School

“I came to workshops for new ideas and improvement, but benefited in more ways than one. I liked the organization and learning new methods. Other kids should come for new friendships and a lifelong memory!” Megan McCrary, Gibson Southern High School