Consider Making a LinkedIn profile now

  It is never too early to start networking. Exchanging numbers, developing relationships, handing out business cards, etc. are all important in the pursuit of finding on campus jobs, internships, and jobs […]

October Monthly Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our five October Monthly Contest Winners! Broadcast of the Month: “BDTV” Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis, IN Design of the Month: “A Spooky Sensation” Paoli High School, Paoli, IN Non-Text […]

September Monthly Contests Winners!

Congratulations to our three September Monthly Contest Winners! Online Package of the Month: “High School Nation” Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis, IN Broadcast of the Month: “Sept 23 broadcast” Ben Davis High […]

After Workshops: Team Building

“After Workshops” is a new BSUJW column that focuses on taking skills and themes from Summer Workshops and applying them to your school’s media staffs. Having a tight knit staff can help […]